Friday, September 4, 2009

Funny Cats or Cute Cats

Do you find this funny or cute?
Let me ask you this, do you prefer funny cat videos/pics or cute cat videos/pics? 
My personal opinion is that all cats are cute, so anything funny they do that gets photographed or videotaped is a plus! 
The thing is, as I was searching for funny videos to post I noticed that most if not all of them involved accidents. Not cruel and unusual accidents, no blood or anything like that but accidents none the less. Cats not making a jump, falling off of tables, desks, chairs, getting trapped somewhere etc. To me, that's not really funny. I always feel terrible when cats fall off something and it's not true that they always land on their feet, I have personally witnessed this. 
My question is why do we find such occurrences funny? How come most people get a kick out of a cat not making a jump or not having enough balance. Jealousy? We must admit, they are way more agile than any of us will ever be. Cruel intentions? I would surely not like to think that. Maybe it's just the fact that we don't think they truly get hurt. That's what I want to think and I'm sticking to it!
Check out this video of cute and at the same time funny cat moments. There is one accident, but nothing big, I'm sure the cat's perfectly fine. 
I enjoyed this video very much but I must say my personal favorites are:
#8 found it adorable!
#6 sooooo cute and funny as well
#5 loved it! Competes with #1
#1 it's number 1 for a reason, too cute!
Let me know which one or ones were your favorite and if you have any funny/cute pictures or videos of cats, or animals in general, feel free to tell me about it, post a link, comment whatever you would like!
To answer my first question, I find that picture incredibly cute, but funny as well. Win win situation there!
Meow for now!!

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  1. Great video!! My 9yr. old daughter and I laughed a lot in most of them but we do have favorites...
    Anna loved #2 specially and also #10
    I loved #5 and #4!!!
    Thanks for sharing.