Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cat Forums

I had no idea how many people loved cats!!! There are all kinds of cat forums out there where you can post stories, pictures, videos etc.

It's remarkably pleasing to see that so many people have a genuine interest for their pets and somebody else's.

And of course it's not just about which cat is the cutest or look at my little Tabby! There is health, nutrition, training, behavioral and certainly playfull information.

Just look at the first few that come up when you do a cat forum search on Google:

Look at that!!! And that's only the first 5!!  As you can see there's an Australian site there and one in the UK also.

Well, I find it a little incredible that so many people want to talk about their cats. I love it though, makes me feel right at home!! I'm going to have to start joining all these forums! Why don't you take a shot and tell me about your experience?

See you in cyber-cat world everyone! Meow!!!

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