Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Babies

I am so sorry that I haven't been able to update this blog but I have had so many things on my plate right now that it has been impossible. Anyway, here goes...

Piti: Piti was the cutest thing when she was born, she was just a fur ball. She was the last one to open her eyes so I assumed she was the youngest. She loved the dog, I think she thought the dog was like her mom or something. Piti likes to talk a lot, chase the other cats around the yard and snuggle up to the dog.

Pachanga: As soon as I saw this kitten I knew he was male and I knew he would be called Pachanga. He's named after the character in the movie Carlito's Way, I always said that I would name a pet Pachanga. Pachanga was the sweetest thing ever. I say was because unfortunately he's the one that dissappered... I truly miss him.

Lulu: Lulu has a girls name but he's a boy. He looked so much like Lucas that that's the name I could come up with at the moment and I really thought he was a girl so, Lulu it is. Lulu loves to play, he loves to pounce on the other cats, the problem is he plays to rough so the only one he could play with was Pachanga, the girls don't really like it that much, although they do play with him some.

Greñas: Say it however you want... Greñas is hard to describe. She is going through a phase at the moment (I hope it's a phase) where she hates absolutely everyone except her mom and the dogs. She can't see another cat from across the room because she start hissing and swatting. She sleeps most of the time and just begs to go out at night, just like a teenager!

For now, these are the babies... more to come soon of course. We still have 3 more pets to go!