Monday, February 2, 2009

The Dog

Rita! Named after my mother because she looks just like her and because mom was the one who rescued her and brought her over to my house. Rita is the happiest dog ever, she loves her relatively new home.

Rita was found roaming the streets and abused dog, who knows how long she had been without a home, she was injured and bitten all over her poor little body. As soon as she came home, she made herself fit right in. She jumped on the bed and went straight under the covers with me. Ever since, she can't even let me pee in peace!

She follows me everywhere and loves when you rub her tummy or give her any kind of affection at all. Rita hates The Cat though and vice versa. She does not let him live in peace. Rita watches The Cat like a hawk, every move he makes, it's very annoying sometimes. She's also overprotective of the house and the other cats, so any small sound she hears she starts barking, and doesn't stop!

Something terrible happened to Rita in the first months we had her. I sent her to get groomed, to somebody who was trusted dearly by my family and she came back with a broken leg. The broke her elbow to be more specific. She had to have surgery, a pin was inserted in her elbow and one was left outside her skin. She looked like The Frankendog! Poor Rita *sniff* She had to spend the nex 2 months inside a kennel and couldn't even be let out to pee. Suffice to say that those two months were terrible, for all us of.

After 60 days, she went back to surgery to have the oustide pin removed and it turns out that her leg didn't heal well, so Rita is a 3 legged dog. She has all her four legs, but she only uses three.

Don't feel sorry for Rita though because she is amazing! She is fast as a rabbit and as a agile as a frog on those 3 legs, I swear she should be a circus dog with how high she jumps. And she's as happy as ever. Except when The Cat's around.

Rita is a wonderful mother too, she loves babies or baby animals and she looks after them as if they were her own. When the kittens were just born we had to have a bed or box big enough for Rita to fit because she slept with them and the mamma every night.

I love Rita and she love's everyone. Except for The Cat that is.

And yes! That's exactly who The Cat was looking at in the previous picture. Check it out:

Here is Rita right after her first surgery:

And here's Lady Rita in all her glory:

She looks a little grungy I know, but that's her thing!

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