Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why the name?

Ok, so why 7 cats and 2 dogs? Well, I guess cause that's the amount of pets I have... I know!! Crazy huh? Not sure how it happened, I started out with one Cat and then there was one Cat and one dog. Soon after, I had to adopt a kitten that was thrown into someone's backyard because they didn't want it, so that turned into 2 cats and a dog. It was cool, the kitten and the dog loved each other, the Cat hated both of them, you know, normal dysfunctional family stuff. Then, it turns out that our kitten is pregnant!! We realize this when she's huge and can't do much about it because poor little kittens inside the kitten!! So, 4 babies were born and they were so adorable that I couldn't bare to give them up.

So, now it was six cats and a dog. Dog love's the kittens, kittens love the dog, Cat hates everybody! Pretty normal. We move to a bigger place with a bigger yard and the BF decides he wants another dog! WTF??? Turns out he's always wanted a chocolate Lab and saw this puppy blah blah blah, can't say no to a puppy you know.

Now it's six cats a dog and a puppy. Cats hate the puppy, still like the dog, the dog is confused about the puppy. Puppy loves them all. Cat hates everybody.

About a month after that, I was driving home from work and spotted a small black something on the side of the road. Squinted, focused and realized it was a kitten. Oh No!! Poor thing, it was barely a month old, I couldn't leave that kitten there, so I stop to see if this kitten is ok and 2 more kittens show up!!!!!!! Whaaat?? 3 kittens?? Oh no... I asked at the surrounding houses, no no, they're not ours, take them if you want. Sometimes people dump unwanted pets here. Horrible!!!

Well, you know I couldn't leave those kittens there so... that's right... 9 cats and 2 dogs! Oh yeah!! Kitten's hate the cats and the dogs, dog love's the kittens, puppy thinks they're chew toys, cats hate the kittens but are pretty much loving the puppy now. The Cat hates everybody. Holy Shit!! What am I going to do now? Luckily we found a great home for the original black kitten by the side of the road with the BF's sister. Meanwhile we were looking for homes for the other 2, it was just too many cats.

Well, turns out the kittens are adorable and we can't bear to give them up. So now it's 8 cats and 2 dogs. Cats are starting to get along with the kittens, dog love's the kittens, puppy still thinks they're chew toys, cats love the puppy (on and off) and The Cat hates everybody.

Jeez this is a long story!

If you're still here, good for you!! And thank you for reading this far. If you're gone well, you won't see this, I guess I understand although I think it's kind of entertaining how our family got started.

You're probably thinking hey, it sounds like it's done but the name is 7 cats and 2 dogs ... ????

Well, about a month ago or so one of the cats, you know, the kitten's kitten, he ran away and we haven't seen him since. I'm devastated of course, I mean, he was my baby! At least one of them and I truly hope that nothing horrible happened to him *sob* and I guess I can't say much more about that.

Anyhoo... That's how I or we ended up having 7 cats and 2 dogs.

Thank you for reading this post, yes there will be more, I mean imagine what it's like to live with 7 cats and 2 dogs. And yes, of course I will be posting pictures, I have tons... And I will also be telling you their names so as to avoid confusion...sort of.

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